Винаги безплатна доставка
http://distancelearning.castrobg.com/ Evaluation: 80% of the modules in the program must be completed in order to receive a diploma / including drawing icon in stages, participation in forums and writing an essay /. If a student fails to meet at least 80% of the total 100% of the program based on learning and evidence with photographs of his work in the forum will not be able to get a Diploma. In this case it will have the opportunity to retrain and pay a fee for the next period again. A fee of Euro 35 is charged for the issue of a Diploma and registration on the site as well as sending to a pointed country by registered mail. In the Diploma are described all modules in the program in the training period with your name. The Diploma is registered on the site and can be checked online for validity with the access code specified on the document. Additional protection - Hologram sticker and laminate on special paper printed in a professional printing house. The Diploma is stamped by Concern Castro and signed by the tutor of the program.


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